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Life in the Jungle

A complete guide with everything you need about the Mariri experience

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O Espaço

The space

Mariri Jungle Lodge, by the cliffs off Alto Paraíso de Goiás, is a private, permaculture home, a haven of art and well-being, lovingly built by its founder, Marianne, who lived abroad for many years and recently chose this gem of a place to build her own house in Brazil. 

She believes this to be a special healing place and wants to share this with her guests.


We are located 13 km from Alto Paraíso de Goiás, about half an hour by car on an earth road. Ideally, you will come with your own car, but there are taxi services that do this route, we can share their contact information if necessary. We will send you the precise directions and password for the padlock after you have confirmed your booking. Make sure you understand the instructions before leaving the city, as there is no cell phone signal on the road.

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The weather

This part of the country has a pleasant tropical mountain climate. Please check any weather website for the specific dates of your stay.



Rainy Season



Beginning of the drought



Dry season



Beginning of the rains

O Clima

The town

The town offers necessary amenities - restaurants, shops, internet cafe, laundry, supermarkets, and access to all the waterfalls, although the Lodge's closest waterfall is about 20 minutes away. Medical facilities are in Alto Paraíso (first aid, 24-hour service). In case of emergency, we are always and without any limitation ready for transport. 

A Cidade
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Local Transport

We recommend renting a higher car for the Chapada dos Veadeiros, the road to Mariri from Alto Paraíso is an earthen road, which in the rainy season can be challenging for low cars because of rocks. There are no bus connections to Mariri, but you can use the taxi service (about R$200 each way), motorcycle taxi (about R$70 each way), rent your own vehicle or get a ride into town with us when we go. If someone is willing to use their car here we charge a conscious ride fee of R$150  (instead of 200 taxi) each way.

Transporte Local

Types of Stay

Mariri Jungle Lodge is open to guests who want to enjoy the beautiful accommodation and space for a few nights (common stay) and to participants of our retreats and workshops, where the objective and daily program is more clearly defined. For organized retreats and workshops, there will be special food and transport, and we are also able to cater to the specific needs of our individual clients if we discuss this in good time before arrival.

Tipos de Estadia



If you are not staying with us as part of a retreat, you can choose your favorite room, and we will let you know if it is availiable for your proposed dates. As part of a retreat we will match you to the needs of the group or sometimes the group can decide upon arrival where to stay. While there is no need to choose groups, you are welcome to give us ideas of any preference, so we can keep that in mind when assigning rooms. 

As Acomodações
Image by Debora Tingley


If you are used to an urban environment, you will experience the advantages and limitations of living in the wild. As it can be a little tricky to get here, reading the information we provide and making the necessary arrangements in good time will guarantee a pleasant stay. 

We offer a truly unique Jungle Lodge experience, and a big part of that is having nature on our doorstep. In the mornings and evenings, we are treated to an orchestra of birds, monkeys, and insects. 


If you are not comfortable in raw nature and animal environments, please consider whether this is the right place for you. We also have 5 dogs, 4 pet cats, and 5 horses at the establishment. 

It can be safely said that here, the level of insects is mild compared to other places in Brazil. Please, if using repellent, bring only biodegradable/natural ones as we don't want to pollute the local stream or our natural swimming pool.


Food and Supplies


By prior arrangement, we are happy to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner and even organize a personal chef to cook for you or your group.

In addition to vegetarian and/or vegan meals, our restaurant serves quick snacks, açai, delicacies and drinks. 

If you are staying for a long time, you are most welcome to plant your own vegetables in our garden area. The house's water comes straight from the top of the mountain, and we are the first to have access to it. So it is extremely high quality and tastes very good. You won't need to buy bottled water or filter the water! 

In retreats and workshops, meals can be included. Please see in the menu "retreat" for more information.

Alimentos e Suprimentos

Internet and Telephone

Mariri has an open Wi-Fi connection for you to use. If you have your own laptop, you can work using the internet in our lounge or immediate surroundings where the router signal is received. Internet usage is free for normal usage.

For your cell phone, check in your country, which provider you will need in Brazil. Alternatively, consider purchasing a Brasília cell phone or a Brazilian SIM card. We ask that you use your own cell phone or Skype during your stay here. We have a landline phone in our private residence, you will be able to use it in an emergency. 

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Internet e Telefone

Extra Comforts

We have some extras that really make a difference. Consult our facilities for more details:

A library that contains a vast collection of incredibly interesting books and also films that most residents are delighted to borrow during their stay.

The mineral water pool is constructed of large rocks and fed by a carved flow form.

The Finnish dry sauna, a purification tradition for good health and longevity, costs R$80 per person/per sauna.

Nowadays, we imagine that Wi-Fi connection is evident everywhere. But here, when we have a good connection, we consider it a luxury. We have occasional issues where the internet stops working for periods of a few hours.

We do not offer a professional laundry service, but if you need to use our machine, you will be charged R$45.

Confortos Extras
Image by Benjamin Voros

Travel Security

We recommend that you have international medical insurance. The Center will not be legally liable and you will be invited to sign our liability waivers regarding our tall structures and life in the jungle.

Image by Rohit Tandon

Reservations and Payments

At the moment, reservations can be made via the website, email, and WhatsApp but will only be confirmed upon payment of 50% to 80% of the total amount through bank transfers. The remaining amount can be paid in cash or via PIX upon arrival. In the city, there is only a branch of Banco do Brasil and Itaú. Therefore, bring enough for your stay, as we do not accept debit or credit cards, it is advisable to bring the money you need from Brasília airport. There is no cashpoint machine in Alto Paraíso! 

Reservas e Pagamentos

Sharing Space

Jungle Lodge is shared with resident artists, collaborators, volunteers, Marianne the founder, and anyone else visiting us at the time, including exchange visitors from other countries. During the week we have Yoga class in the temple, and we share the Finnish sauna and swimming pool. Here are some tips to ensure we are respectful of shared installations: 

The owner's kitchen is a private area.

Please do not enter uninvited.

The house is decorated with quirky objects from around the world. Please be careful not to damage anything. Do not take pictures of private areas.

After 22:00, we maintain the law of silence.

In case of an emergency, we are always available to help you resolve it. For less urgent situations, please share with us between 09:00 and 20:00h.

Smoking inside the rooms is not allowed, but on terraces and outside, yes, although we really prefer that there is no industrial cigarette smoke near the house. Tobacco rollies are much better if there is a need to smoke around shared areas. In winter, smokers must be very careful to avoid fires related to discarded cigarette butts. Since we don't have rain at that time, there are serious problems with fires.

It is advisable that the organic waste from the dry bathroom in the rooms be removed by the guest every two days.

At the end of your stay, and leaving your room, we ask that they are left as clean as when you arrived.

Photography is allowed in outdoor areas, treehouses, pools, trails, restaurant & lounge. But please be respectful in not taking and posting photos of the owner's private quarters on social media.

Compartilhando o Espaço
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Eco Vision and Permaculture

In a world where we seem to have lost connection with our roots and respect for our planet Earth, we feel that with "light steps" we are reconnecting with natural cycles and bringing benefits to a new future of respect for the earth and all beings sentient beings and closer cooperation of awareness between us and our Mother Earth. 

The Lodge was built with the environment in mind, using primarily natural and recycled materials and organic shapes. We use bio construction methods to create additional spaces. There is a traditional flush toilet in the restaurant, other wet flush evapotranspiration loos near the pool and the other toilets are all dry as we consider this a more evolved way of dealing with our own "organic matter". What comes from the earth must be returned to the earth and not pollute one of our most precious resources – clean water. 

If residents are interested in adding some extra activity to their stay, they can participate in helping with the sustainability of the land. In our gardens we are currently growing an agroforest. Our guests will have the chance to see us at work and learn about this fascinating process. There are also a series of gardens in which we have various vegetables, agroforestry areas, compost piles and wormeries, producing better soil. 

We also offer work exchange positions. For this, write to us if you are interested.

Eco Visão e Pemacultura
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