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A complete list of everything you can enjoy during your stay at Mariri



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Exclusive Trails

Buddha Deck

Tree Houses 

Our two state-of-the-art treehouses are built with the utmost respect for the host tree and the surrounding ecosystem, using sustainable techniques, recycled materials, and the latest treehouse engineering technologies. 

The "Kura Kura" and "Araras" treehouses elevate us 10 and 25 meters above the forest canopy, so we can enjoy the birds and monkeys up close if we're lucky ....while enjoying the spectacular views of the area. The sunset at the “Araras Treehouse" is a truly unmissable treasure that everyone takes home as a beautiful memory of the Chapada. 

Arara tree house 11.jpeg

Both houses are decorated by Mari, the owner with colourful fabrics  and exotic objects from around the world. You have plenty of lovely blankets, books, teas, a kettle and dry toilets to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your privacy, fully relax and unleash your creativity.

Casas na Árvore

Immersion in the Cerrado

The Cerrado biome is the second largest savannah in the world and the most biodiverse. Here we find flowers, plants, insects and animals that do not occur anywhere else in the world!


Having contact with all the life that grows and blooms in our beloved hinterland of rainy summers and dry winters is truly a gift. This magical and impressive biome chose us here to experience and share the incredible experience of living and visiting the cradle of fresh water in our country, with paradisiacal formations and waterfalls.

Imersão no Cerrado

Retreats and Experiences

In our magical forest, we receive retreats, workshops, experiences, residences and groups looking for a spacious and unique space.


We have a complete structure for an experience of (re)connection, with incredible elements such as: a Finnish Sauna, Natural Mineral Water Pool, Trails, Temple of Practices, Restaurant and more!

Our bio-constructions are integrated with the external environment, providing visitors with maximum comfort and proximity to nature.

Do you want to make your retreat at Mariri?

Retiros e Vivências

wildlife sanctuary

The Mariri Wild Life Sanctuary is a non-profit project in the implementation phase dedicated to the conservation of the native fauna of the Cerrado biome.

Vinicius-Thormann- guaxinim.jpg

This project will receive wild animals that have suffered some negative impact from human actions. Here we will care for and rehabilitate these animals, providing a temporary home for those that need acclimatization before returning to the wild, and a permanent home for those where reintroduction is not possible. 

We are located in the middle of an area of Cerrado still preserved, composed of a mountainous setting with an exuberant forest that facilitates investments in special enclosures that aim at a greater similarity between the conditions offered, and the conditions found in the natural environment, valuing practices of environmental enrichment and providing well-being until the end of their lives, even in captivity.

Santuário Silvestre

Artist Residence


A L T O Residency serves as a platform for self-directed artists who wish to nurture their work through living with the particularities of Alto Paraíso, surrounded by abundant nature with forests and varied fauna, as well as a magnificent scenery in constant change that can inspire or determine new artistic productions within the context of our connection to the earth and sustainability.



Residência Artística

Natural swimming pool

Our natural pool with flowing mineral water straight from source receives the magical and crystalline waters that are born in the mountain and make up our wonderful permaculture gardens, creating an unforgettable and sustainable experience!


Integrating with the surrounding landscape, the natural pool, in addition to being beautiful and refreshing, reproduces the natural ecosystem and has elements such as plants and stones that replace chemical purification systems.

Piscina Natural
Deck de Meditação

Meditation Deck

buddha deck

A hideaway in the middle of the woods, next to a natural well with a pleasant waterfall. The Buddha Deck is the perfect space for a moment of privacy and connection, a deck for meditation, reading, picnic, yoga practice, and much more!

Conscious Gastronomy

Come and enjoy a colourful table full of flavour!

Exploring plant-based and nutritious cuisine, we offer super complete and delicious meals to bring that "uplift" in the day. Our incredible food is prepared with fresh and mostly organic products from our friends agroforestry plots and other  producers in the region. We have a surprise menu that will always impress you as "we are what we eat" and we want to be an example of how we do not need animal derivatives in our food for it to be tasty, creative, creamy and delish!

Gatronomia Conscie
Sauna Finlandesa

finnish sauna

We have a Finnish Sauna and consider it a truly special Mariri experience that everyone should try at least once!

You are welcome to use the sauna naked (as it was originally done) or in your bathing suit; whatever suits you. We also encourage a thermal shock in the pool or a cold shower at each session to intensify the experience of purifying the body's toxins. Believe me, in addition to being such a great experience, it is extremely relaxing and special. If you're lucky, you'll even see a super starry sky!


Our sauna is heated by means of a wood fire and when you put water in our volcanic stones you get the delicious and purifying hot steam. 

While we know that the sauna is a great health benefit, people with medical limitations/health issues should research whether they are ok to use it.

Temple of Practices

Our beautiful and powerful "Oca" temple embraces and enhances the healing and transformational practices that take place at Mariri. Home to rituals, meetings, classes and other activities, this temple built in sacred geometry can be the perfect place for a rebirth!

Templo de Práticas
WhatsApp Image 2022-12-23 at 18.32.34 (2).jpeg

Holistic Therapies

Therapies can be the key to finding your essence and developing self-knowledge with responsibility and love.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-23 at 18.32_edited.jpg

At Mariri, we offer several therapies that provide this special moment, choose the one that best fits your moment in life. The availability of therapies varies according to the professionals residing at the time.


Tarot Reading

Self-care is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life. In this ultra-accelerated world of information bombardment and extreme demand, a moment to unload and look inside yourself has become more than necessary.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-23 at 18.32.34 (2).jpeg


Come and be enchanted by the organic shapes, natural materials, and artistic design of our structures, where every corner receives a special touch that makes all the difference, because every detail matters!

At Mariri, we look for constructions that are fully integrated with nature and that work with it, instead of overlapping the environment, as we see in common constructions. Bioconstruction is a technique where we build in an ecological and sustainable way. Using biological materials and local knowledge to optimize comfort, saving natural resources and fossil fuels.


This conscious and interesting way of the building aims at the least possible environmental impact. Adapting to the local climate and exploring the reuse of materials. In our constructions, there is no waste, everything that is left over, instead of being discarded, is reintroduced into the creative process where Mari, the owner has found herself becoming an intuitive architect, building and designing all of the spaces with her righthand constructor Leo.



Harmonious integration between land and people

©-RAFAEL-PEREZ-EVANS-3906 (1).jpg

Permaculture is a method of designing human spaces that is based on several principles, such as the maximum use of resources and the intelligent use of space. At Mariri, we breathe permaculture as all our interventions in the environment are developed according to the principles of caring for the land, caring for people, and distributing surpluses.

The construction, design and daily operation

of Mariri is based on the following holistic principles:

Bio-Construction of creative spaces for residents and guests

Solar energy generated from solar panels

Planting of organic herbs, medicinal plants, and vegetables

Composting of all organic matter to be used as green fertilizer

A worm farm breaks down organic matter and produce soil for planting

Dry or evpotranspiraiton toilets - a more evolved way of dealing with our organic waste

Drinking water and swimming pool water are fresh mineral water from the mountains.



Agroforestry is a form of cultivation that developed from the first permaculture principle: observe and absorb!


Beginning with the observation of forests, knowledge was synthesized on how to produce food in a healthy way for humans and the planet earth. This form of regenerative agriculture is the method we use to not only produce food, but also our edible landscaped gardens and reforestation of our beautiful mountain.


Exclusive Trails


The beautiful trail of gigantic megaliths. This walk to the three sacred towers will enchant you with the view of the beautiful panorama from the top of the mountains.


This trail crosses the "Mariri Portal" passing by an impressive rock formation in crevices and quartzite walls over 60 meters high that leads to the top of Serra do Paranã, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Moinho, Pouso Alto and the Sertão region.

Trilhas Exclusivas

Mountaineering and Climbing

Our exclusive trails take us to rocky walls and incredible mountains that make your experience here even more unforgettable!

We have routes for climbing and a beautiful crevice inside the mountain, a tour that makes good memories with wonderful landscapes and a lot of adventure!

Montanhismo e Escalada
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