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Eco Nois

In the city of Alto Paraíso, we have an ecological center, Eco Nois, and run an NGO, a collective of people with the spirit to work on environmental awareness and conservation projects in the region. 


There is also a very lovely hostel and a camping area. Marianne led an important campaign for the region, under the name of Eco Nois, which addresses one of the main problems in the region - destructive and extensive man-made fires, so the center is known as an environmental hub by all residents.

In addition to the NGO, we also take care of our lovely ​​Urban Permacultural Gardens that, since their conception, inspire residents, visitors and guests, being an avant garden example of sustainable practices ​​and green technologies. We have planted vegetable and medicinal herb gardens and built a set of charming eco-bamboo chalets as accommodation for travellers.


If you need accommodation in the city, write to us with dates and requirements. 

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Eco Noiz
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