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Mariri Jungle Lodge is for those with a sense of adventure and a hankering for something authentic.

We can prepare healing food, juices & teas, organise yoga classes, meditation, holistic and beauty treatments, sacred plant ceremonies led by forest indigenous shamans and also facilitate exploring of the vast National Park and it's many waterfalls. You are welcome to also participate in our Arts Residency Programme and learn about permaculture in the gardens or just chill in our accommodation.


We are happy to provide a personalized experience for groups of friends or work collegues looking to relax in a homely paradise location. We can organize a private chef preparing daily healthy meals, spiritual practices, holistic therapies, sacred plant rituals, detox cleanses and trips to visit the Chapada. Get in touch to check our lis of upcoming events in Calendar. 



We are happy to collaborate with like-minded agencies, groups or organizations looking for the perfect location to host their own workshops, retreats and courses. We have a vast network of specialists within healing, health, nutrition, fine arts, permaculture & bio-construction that can help support your project if needed and a stunning location with incredible facilities. 


We are about 40 mins from Alto Paraíso on a rough & dusty dirt road. We are a remote Jungle Lodge & retreat, your stay requires some preparations. We'd reccommend you to stay at least 3 nights to align with the energy of the place between your travels. If driving, consider a car suitable for the roads, arrive early, bring some cash and all the food & supplies you'll need for your stay or ask us to cook for you. 


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