Who we are

Here are some of us involved with the Jungle Lodge, permaculture gardens, retreat centre and A L T O Residency Project. 

Zoologist who studied jaguars in the wild, environmental activist & permaculturist, graphic designer, shiitake producer, creative & seeker. Founder of Mariri Jungle Lodge & Eco Nois, the local eco-cultural hub in town where she runs environmental projects related to a more sustainable future for the region including a campaign to raise awareness about the devastating man-made forest fires that wipe out huge areas year after year, please see the link below:






Born 1983 Málaga Spain. multi-disciplinary Spanish/Welsh artist. He uses photography, walking and video to investigate extended notions of image, portraiture,  gender, exotic desire & ideas around paradise. Relocated to Mexico City creating & running alongside artist Pia Camil for two years `Romita 26´an arts space in the heart of La Roma . Currently he is living & working in Sao Paulo as well as running

A L T O, an arts residency with us at theJungle Lodge. 



Raised up in Polish Mountains, Karolina migrated to Iceland in 2006 where she worked as a costume designer for films, theatre, dance performances & music videos. She soon discovered her love for photography, which completes her visions of the fantastic realities. Researcher, observer, music and dance lover. Healer, highly intuitive, psychic and lithotherapist (healing using quartz crystals). After first visit to Alto Paraiso she knew she has found her place on this Earth.

Komala is an inspiring dancer, healer, Ayurveda Mandala consultant & educator & a published writer dedicated to expanding consciousness.

She offers unique retreats that spark our inherent intelligence and creativity through the 5 elements & ancient arts of Ayurveda-Yoga-Tantra, working to align & awaken body-heart-soul-spirit. Awareness, contentment, clarity and presence are the outcome. Komala is BA, LMT, professional member of National Ayurveda Medical Association (US) and a Panchakarma Practitioner certified by the Ayurveda Institute (US). Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she lived and worked for over 40 years in Europe, India, USA, Australia. Presently, her home base is at Alto Paraiso, while still travelling to offer programs worldwide.

Born in Jerusalem, Devi Michal is a Raw and Lifefood Nutritional Advisor, Raw & Lifefood Chef, massage therapist, a certified Kundalini yoga and meditation instructor, a Certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor, Sat Nam Rasayan (White Tantric Energy Work) practitioner, Mexika dancer, percussionist and vocalist. Devi offers yoga and Raw/Lifefood classes, retreats and workshops around around the world and now at Mariri Jungle Lodge after choosing Brazil as her new home.



Amber Joy Rava, an otherworldly dancer, artist and choreographer that has performed with amongst others, Cirque de Soleil. In recent months, she spent months teaching traditional gypsy snake charmers in Rajasthan, India. Amber offers a unique experience combining her practices of ancient & contemporary dance, Butoh, yoga from different disciplines to unfold the divine from within all of us.



Watch a video about Amber >

Watch "We are Fire" dance >



Nirah is one part of OneneS, a freestyle movement of conscious music and an uprising of experimental sound that journeys along the edges of conscious hip hop, spoken word, sung poem, psychedelia, world beat, and tribal jazz... uniting the barriers between organic and electronic sound design... what emerges is an innovative form of storytelling that submerges the authentic listener in a trancelike realm of perception that all is OneneS.





Nena is an event producer and set designer with over 15 years of success in coordinating all phases of large scale musical and artistic events in Brazil and Portugal; she is the Artistic Director of the Boom Festival in Portugal. Bio-constructor,  passionate permaculturist & an expert in construction of Geodesic Domes. Nina is responsible for the design and construction of one of the biggest domes in the world, in Portugal (35m in diameter) and has taught more than 1500 students in the past 10 years.





Anna is a Norwegian singer/songwriter & lead singer of Curawaka. Through her songs, she shares a unique sound landscape of sacred mythologies and astral folklore. Anna holds an MA in Environmental Philosophy & Ecological Phenomenology and works regularly in Brazil, Netherlands and Scandinavia on projects concerning protection of rainforest and indigenous rights. Co-director of the UNO Initiative, which promotes awareness and responsible integration of the paradigm shift by creating innovative platforms for creative arts, environmental political debate and cultural exchange. 



Sitha’s spiritual name- Brahm Siri Kirin Kaur, means “Princess of the great divine light” in Gurmukh, an ancient Indian language. Sitha lives true to her name and strives to share this light with all of us to awaken our full creative potential.  A certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Sitha specializes in Yoga for women, pregnancy yoga and Kabbalah. Right this moment she is working on establishing a garden of the 6th millennium here in Chapada dos Veadeiros, for her beautiful family, raising her young baby daughter & continues teaching Kundalini yoga around the world.