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Our vision is to offer an environment of care, healing and inspiration for anyone ready to explore their potential as a vibrant and spirited human being. All retreats and workshops are focussed on awakening intuition, sensitivity, and a daring vision of fresh possibilities. We team with outstanding facilitators from around the world, focussing in the healing, arts, and permaculture fields. Our common intention is to enhance awareness of body-heart-soul, and better care for this planet.


The magnificent nature of Mariri Jungle Lodge's location sets the attunement for reflection, relaxation, creativity and silence. Our sanctuary is placed  in a pristine forest which is being preserved through sustainable projects for nature conservation, healing, and arts. You are welcome to bring your own skills and suggestions to further care for our haven, or simply delight in this opportunity to retreat and learn.

Our retreats are based on the following principles:

Retreats vision


Our principles are strongly rooted in Ayurveda. Komala Lyra is our Ayurvedic master and brings the values & wisdom that permeate everything that we do, including the retreats & courses that we offer.

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We strive to offer a

beautiful experience for

anyone ready to explore

their potential as a vibrant

and spirited human being through nature conservation projects, spiritual &

health practices & arts.


A L T O Residency is held here at the Lodge. It exists as a container for self-directed artists, wishing to nurture their work within an evident context of our connection with the land and sustainability.

Are you an instructor, therapist, course organizer or spiritual worker looking for an amazing retreat location?


We are looking for partners who will bring groups related to any of the above. 

Our accommodations and facilities really do offer the perfect environment for a different kind of healing over in the crystal lands of High Paradise.

Creative Arts

Healing exploration of creativity & arts

Permaculture & Bio-construction

Seedling & Renewal

Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra

Cleansing & rejuvenation

Danza Ritual & Alive Music

Dance as expression of heart and soul

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