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Everything you need to plan your trip, please get in touch with any questions

Plan your stay

The Space


Mariri Jungle Lodge, just outside of 

Alto Paraíso de Goiás, is a private home, permacultural, arts and wellness retreat lovingly built by its founder Marianne, who lived many years abroad and recently chose this jewel of a location to build her own home in Brazil.


She believes it to be a special healing spot and wants to share this with the guests.  



This part of the country has a pleasant tropical mountain climate with tropical rain in the rainy season Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb.

Winter: 7°C/24°C; Spring 13°C/28°C; Summer: 15°C/25°C; Autumn: 9°C/23°C. Please check some weather website for your specific dates.

Closest town & local transport


The local town offers necessary amenities – restaurants, shops, internet cafe, laundry, supermarkets & access to all of the waterfalls, although the closest waterfall to the Lodge is about 20 mins away. Medical facilities are in Alto Paraíso (First Aid, 24 hrs service). In case of an emergency we are always and with no limitation ready for transport. 


There are no bus connections but you can use a taxi (R$ 80 each way), moto taxi (R$ 40 each way), rent your own vehicle or catch a ride to town with us. In case we cannot combine the return trip with our own activities we may charge a fee that is around R$ 80 one way.

Independent stay vs Retreat


Mariri Jungle Lodge is open to guests wishing to enjoy the beautiful accommodation and space for a few nights and to participants of our retreats and workshops, where the objective and daily programme is more clearly defined. Organised retreats & workshops will have special food & transportation arrangements & we are also able to cater to our individual customers' special needs, if discussed in good time ahead of arrival. 


Find out what we can offer >



If you are not staying with us as part of a retreat you can choose your favourite room and we will let you know if it is free for your proposed dates. As part of a retreat, we will be placing you according to the group's needs or sometimes the group may decide upon arrival. Although there is no need to choose for groups, you are welcome to give us an idea of any preference and we can keep that in mind when allocating rooms.


See accommodation options >


Plan for life in the Jungle


If you are used to an urban setting you may experience both the advantages and limitations of being in the jungle. As it can be a little tricky to get out here, reading up on information we have provided and making necessary preparations in good time will ensure a pleasant stay. 


We offer a truly unique Jungle Lodge experience and a big part in that is having the nature at our door step. In the mornings & evenings we are presented with an orchestra of sounds of birds, monkeys and insects.


Please note: 

If you are uncomfortable with raw nature surroundings & the animals please consider if this is the right place for you. We also have 5 house dogs and 8 cats at the property so be mindful if you have any allergies and choose the treehouses where the pets do not have access.


It can be safely said that it is also mellow on the insect level compared to other places in Brazil. Please bring only biodegradable/natural insect repellent if you will be using any as we do not want to pollute the local stream and our natural pool.


Food & supplies


The nearest supermarkets (open until 8pm) are 13km away in Alto Paraiso town. As an individual guest we encourage you to bring with you all the food and supplies you might need for the full duration of your stay if you want to be independent from any catering. We don't want you to keep going back and forth on the tricky dirt road. Once a week we go to Alto Paraiso town for shopping & you are welcome to join us or give us your shopping list. In case we cannot combine the trip with our own activities we may charge a fee of R$ 80 each way.

With prior arrangement, we are happy to provide breakfast (R$ 45 per person) , lunch (R$ 50 per person) and dinner (R$ 68 per person) and organise for a personal chef to cook for you or your group. 

If you are staying for a longer time you are very welcome to plant your own veggies on our great veggie patches. The home water comes straight form the mountain top and we are the first to have access so it is of extreme high quality and has a good taste. You do not need to buy bottled water or filter the water!


Certain retreats & workshops might already include meals, please see retreat description for more info. 

Internet & phone


The house has an ADSL connection and a router for wireless working. If you have your own laptop, you can work on the internet in the meeting room or direct surroundings where the signal of the router is received. Using the internet is free for normal use with your own laptop or other wireless device. If you do not have your own laptop/cellphone, be aware that you generally have to use one of the many internet facilities in Alto Paraiso town. Our PC is, of course, available for urgent use.

For your cell phone check in your country which provider you need in Brazil. Alternatively, consider buying a mobile phone in Brasilia or a Brazilian sim card. We request you to use your own cell phone or Skype during your stay here, although we do have a landline in our private residence of the house that you can use in an emergency. Alternatively, you can use public telephones in town.


Extra comforts


We have a few extras that really make the difference, please see our facilities for further detail


– A library containing a vast collection of incredibly interesting books and films which most residents delight in borrowing during their stay.

– A large rock mineral water pool fed by a sculpted flowform.

– A Dry Finnish Sauna, purification tradition for good health and longevity. 

– Residents get a complimentary sauna a week and extra saunas cost 50R$ pp/Sauna.

– We may think wi-fi is obvious everywhere nowadays but to have a good wi-fi connection in this location is really a luxury. We do have occasional troubles where the internet stops working for a few hours.

– We can offer a basic laundry service for 45R$ /machine load.

See our facilities >


You must have an international medical insurance and a third party insurance. The Centre does not accept legal responsibility and you will be asked to sign our terms of responsibility regarding our tall structures and jungle life.

Bookings & payment


We are working on an online payment & bookings system, this will take some time. At the moment bookings are taken via email and we only accept bank transfers ahead of stay & cash on arrival. There are not many reliable banks in the centre of town so please bring enough for your stay here as we DO NOT accept creadit or debit cards. Advisable to bring the cash you need from Brasilia aeroport as they do not change foreign currency in Alto!


E-mail us to book >


Sharing the space


The Jungle Lodge is shared with resident artists Karolina, Marianne the land founder, Komala our ayurvedic master healer and who ever will be visiting us at the time including work exchange visitors. During the week we sometimes do yoga in the yoga temple & share the Finnish sauna and the swimming pool. A few pointers to ensure we are respectful of the shared facilities:


– The owner's kitchen is a private area, please use the shared kitchen for guests instead and only come to private kitchen if invited.

– The house is decorated with quirky objects from around the world, please take care to not damage anything.

– After 10 pm, please keep noise to a minimum in the main house and on the terraces and restrict noisy activities to the working studios.

– In case of emergency, we are always available to help solve your problems. For issues with less urgency: try to collect them until a moment that is convenient for us, preferably 10am-20pm.

– Smoking inside the buildings is not allowed but on terraces and outside yes, although we would really prefer no industrial cigarette smoke close to the house, tabacco rollies much better if need to smoke around shared areas. In winter, smokers should use caution to prevent fires related to smoking outside as we have no rain and there are serious problems with fires.

– Organic waste from the dry toilet in the rooms will have to be desposed of by the guest, every couple of days is generally advisable.

– At the end of your stay we expect you to leave your room/apartment as clean as it was when you arrived (or pay us to do it).

_ Photography is permitted in most outside areas, treehouses and your activities and accommodation but please be respectful not to post any photos of the owner's private quarters on social media.

Eco vision & Permaculture

In a world where we seem to have lost connection with our roots and respect for our planet Earth we feel that the more we “step lightly” and reconnect to natural cycles the more we will all benefit to bring on a new future of respect towards the land and all sentient beings and closer cooperation and awareness between us and our Mother Earth.


The lodge is built thinking of the environment using mostly natural and recycled materials and organic forms and we use bio-construction methods to create additional living spaces. There is a traditional toilet with a flush in the main house but the other toilets are all dry toilets which we consider a more evolved way of dealing with our own “organic matter”. What comes from earth should be returned to earth and not pollute one of our most precious resources - clean water.


If residents are interested in adding an extra activity to their stay they can partake in helping with the land’s sustainability. In the back gardens we are currently cultivating the healthy superfood Shiitake mushrooms, guests will get a chance to watch us at work and learn about this fascinating process. Our Shiitakes are sold at the local organic market and here on the land, so you can also enjoy the final product prepared in many different delicious recipes. There is also a series of gardens in which we have various veggie patches, agro forestry patches, composting piles & wormery producing best soil.


We also offer work exchange positions so do write to us if you are interested.


Our permaculture practices >






We are located 13 km, about a half-hour drive from Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Brasilia. It is a difficult bumpy road so even if it sounds very close in kms or time, it is a bit of ride. Ideally you would have your own car & would stock up on everything you need in town prior so you don't have to keep going back and forth. We will send precise directions once you have booked with us.

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