Permaculture philosophy is to work with nature. As such it involves careful observation and consideration of what occurs and grows naturally in the land and designing food, energy, shelter and other resources around this.


Marianne’s vision is to preserve the land using permaculture practices, whilst inspiring visitors to the property to feel a unique and authentic connection to the environment and appreciation for the beauty of Nature.


The construction, design and daily functioning of Mariri Lodge is based on these holistic principles:


- Bio construction for creative living spaces for residents and guests

- Solar generated energy from solar panels

- Planting of organic herbs, medicinal plants and vegetables

- Cultivation of the super food, organic Shiitake mushrooms in the forest

- Composting of all organic matter to be used as green fertiliser

- A wormery to break down organic matter & produce earth for planting

- Dry toilets - a more evolved way of dealing with our organic waste

- Drinking & pool water is fresh mineral water from the mountains

Harmonious integration of the land and people