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Retreats & workshops

We offer an environment of care, healing & inspiration for anyone ready to explore their full potential.
EARTH - Permaculture & Bio-construction

( Nov-Dec )

Seedling & Renewal

WATER- Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra

( Apr-May, Feb-Mar )

Cleansing & rejuvenation

AIR - Danza Ritual & Alive Music

( Jun-Jul )

Dance as expression of heart and soul

FIRE - Creative Arts

( Aug-Sept )

Healing exploration of creativity & arts


Our principles are strongly rooted in Ayurveda. Komala Lyra is our Ayurvedic master and brings the values & wisdom that permeate everything that we do, including the retreats & courses that we offer.

Coming soon >

We strive to offer a

beautiful experience for

anyone ready to explore

their potential as a vibrant

and spirited human being through nature conservation projects, spiritual &

health practices & arts.


A L T O Residency is held here at the Lodge. It exists as a container for self-directed artists, wishing to nurture their work within an evident context of our connection with the land and sustainability.

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