In the town of Alto Paraiso, we run an eco centre, Eco Nois where we have formed an NGO, a collective of like-spirited people to work on environmental awareness and conservation projects in the region.


In addition to the NGO, we also care for our lovely Permacultural Urban Gardens that since its conception inspire locals, visitors and guests alike being an avant garde example of sustainable practices and eco technologies. We plant veggie and medicinal herb gardens and have built a set of lovely bamboo eco chalets as accommodation for travellers. There is also a funky hostel and camping. Marianne ran an important campaign for the region under the name of Eco Nois which addresses one of the main problems in the region - man-made destructive and extensive fires, so the centre is known as an environmental hub by all locals (see link below).


Sometimes if you are arriving late in town it makes more sense to sleep the first night & do your food shopping in Alto rather than trekking it to the Lodge at night, we found this to be most comfortable for our guests. If you need accommodation in town write to us with your dates and requirements.

A permacultural garden, camping & chalets in town

Eco Nois